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Deco-office - Artificial Plants, Silk Greenery Arrangements and Artificial Flowers

Deco-office supply a varied selection of artificial plants, flowers and trees. Artificial plants are ideal to furnish your home or office, and a range of greenery arrangements and floral arrangements are available for businesses looking to replace real plants with a more cost-effective and long-lasting alternative, i.e. artificial plants.

Unpotted Artificial Plants

Go green with Deco-office:
A wide range of unpotted artificial silk plants
for hanging baskets and other arrangements.

Greenery Arrangements

For your office:
Fully arranged mixed planters for offices and receptions.

Potted Artificial Plants

Furnish your home:
Potted artificial silk plants that last forever.

Artificial Trees

Get your own (artificial) forest today:
Realistic artificial trees
that require no watering or maintenance.

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Artificial Plants

Artificial plants and artificial flowers are growing in popularity due to having a number of distinct advantages over real plants. Many of us lead a busy lifestyle nowadays, and while we would like to enjoy a fresh looking, 'naturally' decorated home, not everybody has the time (or sometimes skill) to look after and care for our plants.

Luckily most common house plants, but also many varieties of more exotic plants, are now available as artificial plants, which require very little maintenance at all. In fact you will never need to water or prune an artificial plant, and you also do not need to worry that artificial plants may grow too large, dry out, turn yellow or simply wilt. Artificial plants will not be infested by insects, they do not aggravate your hayfever with pollen, and an artificial plant will happily survive without sunlight even in the darkest, draughtiest and hottest corners.
This makes replica plants an excellent choice for a huge variety of situations, including at home, in conservatories, offices, hotels, restaurants, and you name it.

Greenery Arrangements

We already mentioned that artificial plants are great at work. For one thing you can save a lot of maintenance costs that go into watering, cleaning and periodically replacing fresh plants and flowers. Instead you could enjoy an arrangement of artificial plants that will stay colourful all year round without any additional work (except the occasional dust).

To give you a bit more of a design rather than just a 'plain' single plant, and thus to instantly create an eye catching feature, Deco-office Greenery Arrangements are designed for receptions and waiting areas, or to decorate your stand at a trade show or one of your events. All our greenery arrangements contain a selection of artificial plants, and if you want to get creative you could even try and build your own arrangement quite easily by selecting from our range of unpotted artificial plants.

Who should consider artificial plants and greenery arrangements from Deco-office?

Everyone! But seriously, if you have 'black thumbs', or don't have the time to look after real ones, then artificial plants are perfect for you. Equally if you suffer from allergies or hay fever, you should probably give artificial plants a go.
On a business level any office manager can save a chunk of their (plant maintenance) budget by replacing real plants with artificial plants. And if you regularly have to replace a flower or plant arrangement either on your reception desk or in the customer waiting area (or both), it may be sensible to consider some of the artificial greenery arrangements and artificial plant arrangements that we have available on this website. And don't think you are forced to buy them as they are, you could just look at our designs for inspiration before creating your very own arrangements with some of our unpotted plants.