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Artificial Greenery Arrangement Planters from Deco-office

What are artificial greenery arrangements?

Our artificial plant arrangements are mixed displays of artificial plants (greenery), or a combination of artificial plants and artificial flowers. These are artificial plants and flowers made of synthetic fabric, which you will find advertised as 'silk plants' and 'silk flowers' in most garden centres.

The arrangements are delivered fully arranged in a pot or container, ready for use and display. Because they are made with artificial plants and artificial flowers rather than real ones, there is absolutely no need to water, prune branches, or worry that the entire arrangement will wither while you are on holiday, or if they are placed in areas with too much or too little sunlight.

Where to use these plants?

The arrangements have a wide variety of possible uses. Last time you went to a reputable restaurant you may have seen such plant arrangements used as separators between tables; or lining the interior part of a marquee entrance at a wedding or other event.

You can easily use your plants to hide theatre stage elements (lights sticking out from the ground, small speakers, etc.), or at home one might use them to decorate window sills and corridors.

How much are they?

Deco-office offers a variety of planter designs. Depending on the size and intricacy, prices may range from around £15 to £30 and above.

Can I build my own planter?

Yes, of course, creating a silk plant arrangement is very easy and can be quite rewarding. In order to build your own, you will first need a suitable container or base. Additionally you will then of course need artificial plants/greenery and artificial flowers for the actual design. If you are working outdoors you can also consider a mix of real (local or evergreen) and fake (exotic or seasonal) plants.

Deco-office offer all their artificial plants also unpotted. The unpotted plants are delivered flat-packed and represent best value for money, especially if you are planning on larger quantities, for example running an (interior) landscaping business where artificial plants are not just required for planters.

This allows you to use any combination of plants, even mixing with products from other suppliers, and there is no limit to the arrangements you can create.

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