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You are viewing item no. GP001937 from our range of artificial plant arrangements:

'Edward' Mixed Artificial Silk Greenery Plant Display

Suitable for Indoors only


11 x 50 x 13cm


  • Our most popular fully grown artificial greenery arrangement contains a variety of artificial plants, including colourful Crotons, Dracaena, Fimbriatum Ferns with surrounding button ferns.
  • Ready arranged for display.
  • Comes ready potted as shown.
  • The pot is covered with dried moss for additional effect.
  • Perfect for offices and receptions.
  • Use our plant care and arranging guide to make and keep your artificial plants, arrangements and trees looking their best.


With Planter
(see pictures to the right)

£50.00 each

For volume prices please contact us quoting item reference GP001937.

Sorry, out of stock. Please contact us for availability.

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* Please be aware that, as with any types of fabric, certain amounts of colour fading are to be expected if items are exposed to strong direct sunlight for extended periods of time, whether indoors or outdoors.

Interesting Facts (about the real plants)

Button Fern (Pellaea Rotundifolia)

  • Scientific name: Pellaea Rotundifolia
  • Common names: Button Fern, New Zealand Cliff Brake

Croton (Codiaeum Variegatum)

  • Scientific name: Codiaeum Variegatum
  • Common names: Croton, Joseph's Coat
  • Origin: South-east Asia

Red-Edged Dracaena (Dracaena Marginata)

  • Scentific name: Dracaena Marginata
  • Common names: Red-edged Dracaena, Madagascar Dragon Tree, Marginata
  • Origin: Subtropical and tropical regions
  • The name Dracaena is derived from the Greek word "drakaina" (female dragon). The link between the two is the red gum that is secreted when the stem is cut. When thickened it is supposed to resemble dragon’s blood. It was formerly used in medicines and is now used as a varnish and in photo engraving

About Artificial Plant Arrangements

Our ready-made greenery arrangements are the perfect choice for receptions and waiting areas. Every single plant arrangement is delivered completely arranged as shown so that you only need to remove the packaging before it is ready for display. Read more here.